The Team You Mindset

We benefit from a lot of different people in our life.

Sometimes we need a coach; sometimes a cheerleader; or that friend who always tells us straight; the person who defends us no matter what; sometimes we need a therapist; a motivator; that annoying person who always sees the positive; or a kind, compassionate friend who gives us a hug and says it’s ok, I love you, I’m here for you.

The people in these roles can provide us with support, love and challenge, to help us achieve our goals, create positive change in our life, or sometimes just make it through the day.

But what if you had the power to be your OWN coach, cheerleader, truth teller, defender, therapist, motivator, annoyingly positive friend or compassionate supporter?

What if you had a team of people on hand, ready to mobilise at any moment, who could offer you 
real support and assistance every day?

What if you didn’t need to take everything on yourself, but could build up self reliance and resilience while relying on a strong team around you?

What if you could identify your most negative and destructive thoughts, and use your team of supporters to put them in their place?

What if you had a team who encouraged and empowered you to build up self love and self confidence – even when you don’t believe in yourself?

The Team You Mindset is a framework for building self love, self awareness and self reliance while achieving goals that really matter to you

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On Team You Coaching programmes, you will learn, adopt and master The Team You Mindset. You will build and lead your own Team You.

The Team You Mindset is totally unique, easy to understand and straightforward to implement.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard advice saying ‘all’ you need to do is “grasp your inner strength” or “find your inner self” … but who genuinely understands what that actually means? It’s completely intangible, abstract and totally different for every single one of us. 

No wonder that type of advice is usually ineffective – or downright patronising and irritating!


So what is the premise of The Team You Mindset?


In a nutshell – our thoughts have a massive impact on our feelings and our behaviours. 

Many of us go through life subjugated or even enslaved by their thoughts. We either:

  • have some awareness of this but believe we are broadly powerless over our thoughts; or 
  • have very little or awareness of this and simply go through life reacting to our thoughts

But – we have much more influence and control over our thoughts than we might believe. 

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The Team You Mindset is about taking charge of your thoughts.

With The Team You Mindset, we do not accept that you are powerless over your thoughts. 

We also don’t believe your thoughts are just millions upon millions of random occurrences popping into your brain. 

We believe your thoughts play a number of ROLES. 

Some of these roles are positive, and help you experience good feelings and take positive actions. 

Some of these roles are negative – they hurt you, diminish you, they make it harder to take positive actions, or worse drive you to negative actions and behaviours. 

These positive and negative roles make up Team You – and have a huge impact on your mental well-being and your life.

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The Team You Mindset helps you identify who is currently on your team by using the unique TYM Profiles

Your team will currently consist of a number o
f our 12 positive team members (i.e. The Good Guys) and our 12 negative team members (i.e. The Bad Guys). 

The Good Guys are split into 2 sub teams –

  • 6 team members who Raise You Up
  • 6 who Move You Forward

The Bad Guys also have 2 sub teams –

  • 6 team members who Bring You Down
  • 6 who Keep You Stuck

There will be Bad Guys currently showing up on your team who are getting in the way and causing you pain. There will be some Good Guys who currently never show up but who would be really useful. There will also be some Good Guys already present but who you’re not making the most of.

On The Team You Mindset Signature Programme, you’ll learn how to construct, identify, use and choose your team – whilst working towards specific goals you’ve set for yourself.

  • How to bring them to life
  • Who the strongest players are
  • How you call on them and what they bring
  • Who should be promoted; and just as important…
  • Who should be fired – thrown out of Team You and into Team F*CK YOU
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The Team You Mindset enables you to recognise the different roles your thoughts play – and empowers you to take charge of them.

  • YOU have the power to assess Team You
  • YOU decide how to structure Team You
  • YOU have the power to promote those who serve you – and to fire those who hinder you
  • YOU decide who you want on Team You – who needs to bring it, on any given day, in any given situation, to give you what you need

The Team You coaching programmes provide a structured way of learning, adopting and mastering The Team You Mindset – building self awareness, self confidence and self reliance, with LOTS of activities, practice and support. 

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