The Team You Framework

Here at Team You Coaching, we have an unwavering belief that everyone has the power and potential to build and lead their own Team You.

To build and lead Team You, you will learn, adopt and master The Team You Mindset through choosing one of our coaching programmes, that empower you to create meaningful, lasting change in your mindset and in your life.

You can learn more about The Team You Mindset here.

But first of all, what does being on Team You actually mean? Before you sign up for any team, you need to know what they’re all about, right? What they stand for.

Being on Team You means being ready to adopt The 5 Core Values of Team You – key characteristics which make up The Team You Framework.

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The FIVE Core Values of Team You

Team You is:

1. Well... All About YOU

It sounds obvious but it’s worth saying! The programmes available with Team You Coaching are not so much an investment in yourself but in your Self.

Self love, self confidence, self awareness, self reliance and self worth are the focus of Team You.

2. Team You is Agile

Team You has an Agile mindset. 
Don’t worry if you know little or nothing about Agile development or Agile product management. You don’t need to.

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Being Agile is all about: 

  • being super clear on our why – our values, our mission, what’s truly important and the reasons for that

  • having big goals or an overarching vision – but not needing a detailed plan on how to get there before we can start taking action!

  • getting comfortable with change and ambiguity – how we achieve our goals will evolve, we choose the right response to change when it happens and we won’t always have all the answers

  • focusing on doing the important stuff that’s achievable now – not in 6 months or next year

  • taking big goals and breaking them down and down and down into bite size chunks

  • taking small steps every day – continual forward motion, however small

  • being accountable – owning your part in the process and trusting yourself to do it well

  • most of all, being Agile is being focused on delivering value quickly – we work at pace

Being Agile also means getting comfortable with the Fail Fast approach. Let’s say that again… you will experience failure. Things will go wrong. We will have setbacks. And that is 100% okay.

Team You fails fast, learns and moves the hell on. No one is expecting perfection from you

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3. Team You is Empowering

The Team You framework enables you to build yourself up even if you don’t necessarily believe in yourself. Even if you are stuck in negative thought patterns of self doubt or anxiety. 

If you don’t feel as self confident as you’d like or you’re not brimming with self esteem – don’t worry; you don’t have to.

As you’ll learn through The Team You Mindset, you will build up your own unique and strong team around you. 

Your team will be on hand for you to call upon, for anything you might need on any given day in any situation. You don’t need to feel like it’s all on you when facing life’s challenges or striving to achieve the goals that really matter to you.

4. Team You is Ready for the Hard Yards

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The process of creating positive change isn’t easy and it isn’t comfortable. Think about how you feel the day after a workout or training session. The same is true when you want to create change in your mindset and your life. 

Team You is ready for action, effort and setbacks as well as success. On the programmes with Team You Coaching you’ll be expected to learn, do, analyse, reflect, practice, implement, stumble, grow and achieve.

The process of creating change in your world is just as important as the outcome. 

5. And finally, Team You is Forward Facing

On Team You, yes we can dip into the past. 

Especially if we want to understand and replace negative beliefs, thought patterns or behaviours. You may have consciously or unconsciously carried these around for years.

But Team You Coaching is not therapy – that’s not what we do. If you feel you have serious unresolved trauma, perhaps from your childhood, therapy could be more beneficial for you at this stage.  

You can find BACP accredited therapists here or the counselling directory has a database of qualified counsellors here. And if this is you, feel zero shame in investigating your options. Therapy is transformative and even life-saving for many people.

Here on Team You, we are overwhelmingly focused on the here and now; what you want to achieve today and in the future.

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