What is Team You Coaching?

Have you tried to make positive changes in your life or achieve certain goals, but things have gotten in the way – 
mainly yourself?

Do you wish you had more resilience to deal with life’s challenges, or confidence to truly believe in yourself?  

Do you feel powerless in the face of your thoughts and feelings? Do you spend your life reacting to them? Do you wish you had more control?

Are you stuck in unhelpful habits and behaviours? Do you wish you could make positive changes but you can’t seem to get our your own way?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you could create meaningful and lasting change in your life by joining a Team You coaching programme

Photo by Nastya Kvokka on Unsplash

Team You provides digital coaching worldwide and face 2 face coaching in London, UK.

Our coaching programmes provide an easy-to-understand framework which enable you to:

  • get out of your own way
  • achieve goals which really matter to you
  • create meaningful, lasting change in your world

The programmes offer a structured and safe space for you to build more confidence in your unique gifts and perspective, have more control over your world and craft the happy and fulfilling life you want to live.

The Team You Mindset empowers you to Lead in you Own Life

Creating new thought process, approaches and behaviours and replacing old ones which no longer serve you. You learn, adopt and master this Mindset through a structured programme of coaching and activity.

There are 2 programmes available which you can learn about here.

By working with Team You coaching, you will:

  • Expose the sabotaging thought processes which stop you achieving your goals
  • Create new ways of thinking to summon the motivation, insight and strength to make positive changes
  • Learn how to recognise the negative thought processes which hold you back – and how to put them in their place
  • Truly empower yourself with self awareness, self love and self reliance, even if you don’t feel you have the self confidence – yet

You'll achieve all of this by:

  • Learning how to actually be on your own side 
  • Learning about the different roles in Team You 
  • Identifying which roles you have in Team You right now
  • Uncovering and discrediting the why behind those negative roles in Team You 
  • Restructuring Team You based on your strongest members and who you need
  • Equipping yourself with tools to help you recognise when negative team members show up – and practicing the strategies to put them in their place

All of this forms part of adopting and mastering The Team You Mindset – a framework which empowers you to decide who needs to Bring It on any given day and in any situation

Photo by Rawpixel on Unsplash