Coaching for Business

Team You Coaching offers bespoke programmes for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Team You Coaching was founded by Lel O’Connor, who spent 10 years working with some of the biggest retailers and consumer brands in the UK, before launching her own coaching practice.

Lel has launched digital products into two of the biggest retailers in Britain. Built and developed teams of talented people. Managed large-scale projects, senior stakeholder relationships and multi-million pound budgets. 

In her decade in the corporate world, Lel gained experience in navigating complexity; operating in political landscapes; driving progress despite ambiguity; people development and performance management. She also became an Agile enthusiast through her experience of Agile product development.

Lel has worked both client-side and agency, in a variety of Marketing and Product Management roles. She has coached and mentored people through achieving promotion, securing new roles or changing careers entirely. 

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If you are an Entrepreneur, Start-up Founder or Business Owner...

Team You Coaching will work with you to provide a bespoke coaching programme based on your business strategy and personal goals

As a business owner, you probably have unwavering belief in what you’re doing, right? (Except when you wake up in the middle of the night – let’s put that to one side. You’re only human.)

The performance, ambitions and success of your business are pretty much everything

But you might find that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Or you can’t effectively manage your own feelings, frustrations and fears. You sometimes doubt you have the compassion, inspiration and empathy to be a true people leader

And all the while you have a nagging feeling you’re failing in your personal life – in those relationships and activities that really matter.

If this sounds familiar, a bespoke Team You coaching programme – focused jointly on your business goals and whole life balance – could deliver significant change in your mindset and your performance.

Learn more about The Team You Framework and The Team You Mindset.

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If you are a People or Business Leader...


Team You Coaching will provide a bespoke programme for your managers or employees, to complement your business and people strategy.

A tailored Team You coaching programme could be right for you if you:

  • have concerns about negative attitudes affecting productivity in your teams
  • feel like personality clashes or lack of collaboration affect the overall people mindset 
  • worry that stress, ambiguity or uncertainty might be affecting your employees’ well-being
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Team You Coaching is not a magic wand, and a Team You coaching programme is unlikely to resolve fundamental problems in your business. 
But a bespoke Team You Mindset programme for your managers or employees could make a significant improvement to the mindset, behaviour and performance of your people.


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