The Premise

A lot of coaches talk about ‘
transformation‘. But here at Team You, we are a little (or perhaps a lot) different. You see… you don’t need to transform. That’s right. We are not interested in changing you.  And you should not be interested in changing yourself. You are enough. 

The person you are… what makes you you, is enough. Let’s say that again. You are enough – exactly as you are. 

Just as worthy of this life as any other human. You have your own unique gifts, your own unique perspective, and your own completely unique experience of this world. That’s fascinating, and inspiring and wonderful. We are not here to change you.

We are here to CREATE

Working with Team You Coaching is all about creating. Innovating. Replacing old with new. 

It’s about creating new thought processes, new ways of doing things, new approaches, to get you living the life you want and achieving your goals.

A lot of coaches also talk about ‘overcoming’ things. Working with Team You Coaching is not about identifying your shortcomings or weak-spots and focusing on how we ‘overcoming’ them.

We do not focus on overcome negative - we focus on creating positive

Lel, Founder of Team You Coaching & creator of The Team You Mindset says:

“I’ve spent my career creating things which deliver positive outcomes and enduring value. Digital products, new ways of working, new tools, new strategies and new processes.

So many people focus exclusively on what’s wrong, and how to fix it. If this is you, you are actually making your world smaller! 

Of course, you can gain insight from evaluating why something isn’t working. But the focus has to be on understanding the desired outcomes and creating something which will deliver these.

So we will not work on identifying all the things which are ‘wrong’ with you, and how to ‘fix’ them.”

You don't need to be fixed

Through Team You coaching programmes, we will create meaningful and enduring change in your life, through innovating – creating new tools, new processes, new approaches to achieving your goals, which can replace any current ways of doing things which no longer serve you. 

The process is just as important as the outcome – you will find the whole creative journey valuable, insightful, challenging and enjoyable… as well as experiencing the achievement and joy of reaching your goals.