About You

Working with Team You Coaching is about recognising and bringing out the best in you – your unique gifts, perspective, dreams and goals. Your own unique experience of this life. Your own unique contribution to the world.

So you want to work with a mindset coach who really ‘gets’ you and what you’re about, right? 

Should you join Team You? Is this the right mindset coaching programme for you?  You need to feel confident and comfortable that you’re choosing the right path for you.

Take a look through the descriptions below – do you recognise yourself?

If you read through the descriptions thinking that’s me! – request a FREE consultation today to discuss how joining Team You could bring big changes to your mindset and your life.

You're creative - even if you don't think you are

You don’t need to be an author, artist or musician to be creative. 
You enjoy solving problems and finding better ways of doing things, right? You get a real sense of achievement from making something better, or easier, or more effective, or quicker.

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Perhaps you do use this creativity and self expression to write, produce or perform.

Or… maybe you:

  • come up with plans and tactics to help your clients meet their objectives
  • help customers by finding new or better ways of giving them what makes them happy
  • enjoy addressing pain points felt by your colleagues or team, and suggesting changes which would help

This satisfaction in finding better ways of doing things – new processes, solutions, ways or working, whatever – this is creativity in action.

And why does that give you such a kick?

Because ultimately, you like helping people

Making things better or easier for people. You want to make a difference.

If you could do anything, you would want to make a contribution to the world, in your own way. On your terms. With your gifts. Even if you don’t really know what they are… yet.

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Simply making money isn't enough for you

You want to
believe in what you’re doing, and the difference that it makes. This might be pretty damn far from what you’re doing with your life at the moment. You might feel like you’re ‘selling your soul’ or that you’re not really helping anyone with the work you do. 

You might realise you’re not feeling fulfilled in your career or your life. And when you get the headspace to think about it, that weighs on your mind.

You value real human connection over social contact

You don’t find surface-level chat particularly stimulating. You might even feel downright uncomfortable engaging in small talk. You may have forced yourself to be more comfortable with it or good at it, either for your job or to feel less awkward in social situations.

You would much rather be in a meaningful conversation 1-2-1 on in a small group, than be part of a lively discussion amongst a large crowd of people. 

You might even come across as quite shy or quiet in a large group, when actually you can be extremely passionate and engaging when having conversations below the standard surface-level bullsh*t. Surface-level chit chat can actually be quite draining for you.

In fact, getting 'alone time' is super important for your well-being

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I bet sometimes it feels just as nourishing as food and water. If you have been non-stop, around people, talking and listening and interacting – well, you like nothing better than taking a little time out to recharge

That might be going for a run, or doing some photography, taking a long walk, or just locking your damn door and getting cosy on the sofa with a good book or Netflix box set.

You are probably a bit of a 'Wise Owl' to people who know you

I bet your family, friends or colleagues feel
they can talk to you, right? 

Maybe they like talking to you about their problems because they get the best of both worlds – a listening, compassionate ear, and more often than not, some suggestions or guidance on what to do (even if you are often quite subtle about giving advice, it’s more about helping them to think differently). 

Seeing those you care about being happy and fulfilled is incredibly important to you.

But what else does that mean for you?

Your compassion can be your downfall

Maybe you find yourself in
one-sided relationships, where you are give give give without sufficient meeting of your own needs. You want the people you care about to be happy, and you’ll do whatever you can to support them. You might even find yourself trying to help people who are not ready or not able to help themselves.

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Maybe you have friendships or relationships in your life which can leave you downright exhausted sometimes. Or worse, you find yourself absorbing other people’s emotions like a sponge. 

For example, if someone is constantly negative, eventually you can actually feel it sapping away your positivity. 

If someone you care about is in pain, you can literally feel their anguish or sadness in your gut. You might have to force yourself not to think about it, because of how much it brings you down.

This means you are especially gifted with empathy and is likely one of the reasons why people talk to you about their problems. You can garner real insight into people quite quickly, and you are probably more perceptive than many other people you know.

What scares you?

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Not being good enough

Looking back and having lived an average, mediocre life. 

Never truly living the life you want

Never making a difference

Never experiencing the joy, independence, contentment and freedom that comes from creating your own life, your own environment, your own achievements, your own path.

There are a lot of coaches who say 'I only work with winners' or 'I only work with the best'

You don’t need to think you’re a winner to join Team You. 
You don’t need to believe you’re the best.
You don’t even need to believe you are good enough.

You simply need to:

  • want to feel like you are good enough, exactly as you are
  • want your life to have meaning and make a difference, in your own unique way.
  • feel ready to take that compassion and problem solving and creativity which you give so freely to other people, and focus it on yourself. Commit to being on your own team.

If you can do that, you should request a FREE consultation about joining Team You on a mindset coaching programme.

You can create positive change in your mindset and your life. Create new and better ways of doing things to replace old thought processes, approaches and behaviours which no longer serve you.

Get you out of your own way, onto your own team, achieving meaningful goals and creating the life you truly want to live.