Have you tried to make changes in your career, lifestyle or mindset, but things have gotten in the way – mainly yourself?

Do you ever worry this is all life is? Would you love things to be different but don’t know where to start?

Team You Coaching provides coaching programmes to people who want to be more confident, calm and in control of their world. People who know they want more than life is currently offering.

Team You Coaching offers digital coaching worldwide, and face 2 face coaching in London, UK.

Learning and mastering The Team You Mindset empowers you to get out of your own way, achieve the goals that really matter to you and create meaningful, lasting change in your mindset and your life.

Team You Coaching & The Team You Mindset were created by Lel O'Connor, London-based Mindset Coach, Marketer and all-round Agile enthusiast

Lel spent 10 years working with some of the biggest retailers and consumer brands in the UK in Marketing and Product Management roles, building and developing her own teams and managing large-scale projects, senior stakeholder relationships and multi-million pound budgets. 

She founded Team You Coaching to create her dream – to live a joyful, healthy and inspiring life, empowering people to create change in their mindset, lives and businesses.

Learn more about what it would mean to join Team You and adopt The Team You Mindset.

Team You About Lel 1

Lel has experienced lows as well as highs in her life

Despite moving to London from a small seaside town in Scotland and building a successful career, Lel has also battled depression and anxiety. Lel’s own insight and experience into stress, burnout, mental well-being and mindset shift, inspired her to create Team You Coaching and The Team You Mindset –
fusion of therapeutic and business ideas growing from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Agile Product Development and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

You can find a more in depth look at Lel’s story here

Lel loves working with people like YOU to create meaningful and lasting change in your world

Take a look at our 
About You page – how many of the descriptions resonate with you? 

If you read through the list and think ‘that’s me’, working with Lel on your mindset and goals could make a huge and lasting impact in your world.

Lel starts from the premise that you are enough, exactly as you are, and that you have all the power and potential within you to create amazing change in your life – even if you don’t believe that yet.

With boundless compassion, supportive challenge and straight-talking Scottish honesty, Lel provides coaching in total confidence and in the complete absence of judgement.

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