A Very Special Limited Offer for 6 People

Team You Coaching Founder Lel O’Connor is offering 6 people the opportunity to go through the entire 8 week Team You Mindset Signature Programme for an investment of only £160, equating to only £20 per week.

This programme will start at the beginning of January 2019 and last for 8 weeks.

This is not a group programme for 6 people – this is the opportunity to undertake your own individual Team You Mindset programme and receive private 1-2-1 coaching.

Why on earth is she doing that?

Lel is currently undertaking a Life Coaching Diploma and in March 2019 will be a Certified and Accredited Coach and Associate NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 

Until this time, Lel will work with a small number of individuals across January and February 2019 at a significantly reduced rate, enabling her to capture any final learnings, additions and amendments to the programme before the official launch in March 2019

Once Lel is certified and accredited the investment required for The Team You Mindset Signature Programme will be £749 for the 8 week period. 

If you’re
interested in finding out more, request a FREE consultation call at the bottom of this page – but do it as soon as you can, as these 6 places won’t be available for long.

Who will The Team You Mindset Signature Programme be most valuable for?

The Programme will be valuable for you if:
  • You would like more control over your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Or you often find yourself feeling anxious, frustrated, down, out of control or helpless
  • Or you would like to have more self confidence


  • You feel ‘stuck’ and wish you could make changes in your life, but aren’t sure where to start
  • Or you have a goal you’ve been meaning to achieve but life has gotten in the way
  • Or you’re interested in personal development or personal growth, but haven’t had the time to think about it

What you will achieve with The Team You Mindset Signature Programme

  1. Set and accomplish specific goals you want to achieve across 8 weeks – career, lifestyle, relationships or personal growth
  2. Learn how to really Be On Your Own Side
  3. Improve your self confidence, self awareness and self reliance
  4. Create new approaches, thought processes and behaviours, to replace old ones which no longer serve you
  5. Adopt and master a simple mindset system which will serve you in your day to day life and relationships, as well as identifying and achieving your goals for life

What you get with The Team You Mindset Signature Programme

  • A structured 8 week programme consisting of face to face coaching sessions, weekly activities and journaling, and unlimited support from your coach
  • A welcome pack including The Team You Mindset E-Book and Workbook to guide you through every step of the programme
  • 8 x 60 minute sessions, which should ideally take place once per week for 8 weeks for best results
  • Sessions are face to face, in person or via video chat (e.g. Skype, Google Hangouts)
  • One “emergency call” per week of 15 minutes should you need it
  • Unlimited email support whenever you need it

'Ok, it sounds good - but I want to know more'

For all the detail around The Team You Mindset – the premise, background and how it actually works, please click here or request a FREE consultation call using the form at the bottom of this page.

Structure of the Programme

  • The first week is all about introductions, an assessment of your current Team You and goal setting
  • Weeks 2 and 3 are learning how to Be On Team You
  • Weeks 4 and 5 are learning how to Build Team You
  • Weeks 6 and 7 are learning how to Lead Team You
  • Week 8 is a review of your team, achievements, learnings, and creating a plan for your next 8 weeks

So you're interested in finding out more... what now?

Request a FREE consultation call

Payment Details

To secure your place on the programme, a deposit of £80 is required. The remaining £80 will be paid in week 1. There is a full money back guarantee in place for 14 days following payment of your deposit. After the 14 day cooling off period, the deposit is non-refundable. Payment is via BACS transfer with Team You Coaching email receipt provided.

You can also find out more about The Team You 5 Core Values here, a more general overview of Team You Coaching here, or an introduction to Team You Coaching for Business here