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Team You. Just what the hell does that mean anyway? 

To my cynical fellow Brits – and my even more cynical fellow Scots – you might be tempted to dismiss Team You as sounding just all a bit woo woo.

A bit cheering-teamy-corporate-America maybe. Or perhaps more grab-a-yoga-mat-and-cleanse-my-aura type of thing.

Well you can breathe a sign of relief, and stop rolling your eyes immediately – it’s neither.

Team You Coaching for Business
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Those of you who know me personally, will know I’m not your new-age woo woo type of girl.

I like facts. Rational thinking. Science. Well rounded arguments.

Horoscopes? Not for me. Psychics? Why not give your money to the neighbourhood cat. God? Probably not, but hey I’m open minded.

You have faith in those things? That’s great! I’m a huge believer in people being free to be exactly who they are. Whatever that means for you. You wanna balance your chakras? Go right ahead! I think that’s wonderful.

Me? I’m the type of girl who can’t stand in front of a mirror to recite positive affirmations without running from the room screaming “Nooooo! KILL ALL HIPPIES!” I like down to earth, real, practical.

But what do I believe in?

I have unshakable belief in the power of positivity, the importance of mindset and the huge capacity we have as humans to influence and control our thoughts and behaviours.

Work Stress in Colleagues How to Help 6

So the concept of Team You, and The Team You Mindset, were developed from a place of, shall we say, compassionate cynicism.

In a nutshell, The Team You Mindset enables you to construct a virtual team in your mind, based on who you need on any given day, who you call on in any given situation.

Imagine your thoughts as characters. People. Playing a number of roles. Some of these people are The Good Guys. They help you experience good feelings, take positive actions and achieve your goals.

Some of those people are The Bad Guys – they hurt you, diminish you, make you angry. They make it harder to take positive actions, or even worse, drive you to negative actions and behaviours.

The Team You Mindset helps you identify who is currently on your team by using our unique TYM Profiles

Team You Mindset Coaching
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There are 12 positive team members (i.e. The Good Guys) and 12 negative team members (i.e. The Bad Guys). 

The Good Guys are split into 2 sub teams –

  • 6 team members who Raise You Up
  • 6 who Move You Forward

The Bad Guys also have 2 sub teams –

  • 6 team members who Bring You Down
  • 6 who Keep You Stuck

On a Team You Coaching programme, you’ll learn how to construct, identify, use and choose your team.

  • How to bring them to life
  • Who the strongest players are
  • How you call on them and what they bring
  • Who should be promoted; and just as important…
  • Who should be fired – thrown out of Team You and into Team FUCK YOU

We work towards specific goals in your life – it’s learning whilst doing. There are weekly exercises. There is daily journaling. There are weekly coaching sessions, either via video chat or face to face. Ain’t no room for slackers.

So if you were wondering just what the hell ‘Team You’ is … wonder no longer. It’s practical. It’s actionable. It’s simple. And there is no woo wooing.

What do you think?

Lel x

 p.s. Check out The Team You Framework for our 5 Core Values, or read My Story to learn a little more about me.